Hairspray Rehearsal

Santa Barbara Youth Ensemble Theater was created by Broadway and TV Veteran, JANET ADDERLEY in an attempt to teach her shy, young daughter how to be heard. “If I were a color, I’d be fire engine red,” says Adderley, “If my daughter were a color, she’d be lavender. I created performing arts programs like the Adderley School and, later, SBYET, to help my lavender girl find her red voice.” The result can be seen in Alana Adderley, who for years has ignited a fire of passion and pride in countless SBYET students.

Janet Adderley | Artistic DirectorJanet Adderley

Alana Adderley, Co-Artistic Director, Acting + Vocal Coach, Chief ChoreographerAlana Thumbnail

Christian Regul, Accompanist
Akina Adderley, Musical Director, Band Leader